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Data Centre Solutions

If your business uses data, chances are you have a server, or several of them. As you know, they rack up a lot of heat. If you are responsible for keeping the business up and running, the last thing you want to deal with is an overheating server. That’s just bad for business, not to mention your reputation. So when you’re choosing a cooling solution, be sure to talk with the experts. We carry the world’s smartest cooling solutions that save on energy and maintenance costs while protecting your data assets.

Raised Floor Solutions

Unsightly wiring. How many times have you gone into offices and seen wires strewn all about? Obviously those folks know nothing about our Raised Floor Solutions. Not only do they prevent your office from looking like a junk yard , they secure your important networking infrastructure, and prevents them being damaged. by the elements. The secret is in the engineering. A raised floor solution, carefully planned and well executed, saves you thousands in year in maintenance costs.